2 Assholes Talking Music - 2 dudes roasting the week in music news while drinking cheap beer. Outside of the news we have segments called WTF Bands and play a different game each episode like Guess That Video based on all the awful YouTube comments, Fake or Real, and White Boy Theater. You can also find all the Gravy Mixtapes on here spanning just about every genre of music.

We're celebrating our 7th birthday tonight with some great local brew from Scorched Earth and ripping the week in music news!! We'll be off the next couple of weeks so we decided to just keep it simple. Lots to cover this week like the death of Aretha Franklin, elderly men escaping to Walken Open Air Festival, Rihanna being named Most Influencial Artist of the 21st century, Roger Daltry on the state of rap, Conan nixes musical guests, and more! We feature some music from our friends in Thy Antichrist, play White Boy Theater, and close it out with Jim on the turntables laying it down. We finally got on Instagram and Spotify so check that out too. Cheers!!

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Tonight we'red joined by local heavy hitters Wings Of Severance ahead of their headlining show at KC's Cabin. We've been wanting to get these guys on the show for sometime and it was worth the wait. We had a blast with the boys drinking cheap beer, talking shop, and they even agreed to a round of Guess That Video. They weren't half bad either. We also feature some music from their latest release, Welcome to the Afterlife. Make sure you pick up a copy of the album on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, and Google Play and grab some gear over at wingsofseverance.com
We want to thank all the guys again for hanging out and putting up with our shit for a few hours and helping us drink all the beer. From what I remember it was a great time!!

A.J. Cappellano - Guitar/Vox

Ian Borchers - Bass/Vox

Sean Borchers - Guitar

Phil Feinstein - Drums


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No guests this week so it's just the two of us drinking beer and roasting the week in music news. This week we cover whether or not Jayden Smith did something cool, Chris Brown arrested for beating up another person that's not Rhianna, Chance the rapper is the real MVP, Drake sampling cutting room floor tracks from Thriller, the death of Joe Jackson, the death of Vinnie Paul, more Dio hologram bullshit, Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson covering The Beatles, Guns N' Roses cracking the one billion view mark on YouTube, and more douche baggery from Ted Nugent. Our game for tonight is TWEET OR TWIT and we close it out with more sounds from Meat Wave. We just can't get enough of this band. 

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We're back again roasting the week in the music news and celebrating local craft brews!! This week we cover the murder of XXXtentacion, the death of Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Lemmy's final film appearance, Lisa Marie Presley losing all of her inheritance, new music from Gorillaz ft. Snoop Dog, and Trent Reznor's take on Taylor Swift and Kanye. Our game tonight is Fake Or Real featuring bands from the 2018 Hellfest and Jim closes it out on the tables with a smooth deep house mix. Shout out to Three Floyds Brewing, our local(regional) beer for the night. Track list for Jim's mix below....

Luyo feat. Rescue Poetix – Breath (Original Mix)
Daniel Delmar feat. Katie Quinton – Follow The Sun (Luyo Apollo Edit)
Ferrari & Bergamasco feat. Marc Evans – Josephine
Above & Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston – Fly To New York (Tom Middleton Remix)
Natasha Watts – Go Slow (Mark Di Meo Remix)
Spiritchaser – Coral (Original Mix)
Vittorio Santorelli feat. Karla Brown – People (Kelvin Sylvester & Luyo Remix)

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No guests tonight just a normal good fashion show roasting the week in music news and drinking too many beers courtesy of local legends Goose Island!! Lots of stuff to cover tonight like NOFX getting kicked out of their own festival and losing their beer sponsorship, Spotify altering their "hateful content" guidelines, the death of the guitar player from Anal Cunt, Marilyn Manson peed on Korn, Miley Cyrus donates her pee to The Flaming Lips, Jack White jams at a high school, new music from Les Claypool, and the new Puhsa T album cover. Got a great new WTF Band courtesy of Louis Cole from Knower and another round of the whitest game show in town, White Boy Theater!! A big shout out to our sponsor tonight, Somers Family MustKetch. A brand new condiment that tastes like it's spelled, mustard and ketchup in one bottle. Order yours now on Amazon. 

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Tonight our guest is the founder and lead singer of the band Elephant Gun, the one and only Jared Olson!! Along side of him is good friend of the show and former member of Elephant Gun, Paul Chivari!! We all sat down and had a few beers and talked about the new Elephant Gun album, Eat The House, available now on all streaming services, played some tunes, and promoted the upcoming show at Catapult Records. We asked some dumb questions in between and even snuck in Guess That Video before we closed it all out. Big shout out to our local beer for the night, 2 Brothers, out of Warrenville, IL. and the rest of the crew from Elephant Gun that couldn't make it out. 


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We had a whole show planned out for tonight but it all kinda got shot to hell. Instead of cracking some beers and roasting the week in music news we deiced to flip the script a bit and crack some beers and rant about a few things that have been bugging us. Mainly, the positives and negatives of social media, people attacking the kids from the school shooting in Parkland, FL and a few other random things. We had a great WTF Band lined up tonight and everything but since things jumped the rails a little bit the majority of the show is us getting drunk and ranting. It's not as bad as it sounds. Or is it?

However, we did manage to wrangle things at the end and pull out a game of TWEET or TWIT and feature a great band, KNOWER. Typically, we've been featuring local music but since we distracted ourselves we changed gears for the evening. We promise that we have lots of great local music scheduled for upcoming shows. Our background music for the evening is a cut off the Chill-hop Essentials Spring 2018 compilation titled, "Otesla". Plus, a shout out to our local brew for the night Tight Head out Mundelin, IL. Very tasty and strong ales that helped fuel our rants for the night.

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We're back in the studio tonight after our backstage interview with members of Thy Antichrist after their sold out Chicago show the other weekend. Per usual, the beers are flowing, courtesy of local brewery Scorched Earth, and the music news is ready to be shredded. This week on we got Tommy Lee Twitter beefing with his son, Jeffery Nothing leaves Mushroomhead, the Fyre Festival founder goes down in flames, Migos being sued by their own fans, the underground rave scene in London is back, Liam Gallagher still sucks, the Justin Bieber bomber is sentenced, Fergie's rendition of the National Anthem strikes all the wrong chords, Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard and his new band, and more. We dig into our bag of tricks for another WTF Band and this time is comes to us from the Porno Grind genre. Yes, it sounds like you'd expect. Another round of Fake or Real featuring bands from the last ever VANS Warped Tour. We close out the show with some killer local music from Meat Wave who recently kicked off their spring tour in Chicago this past weekend. Seriously, if you don't know about this band get on top of that. Big thanks to our local beer tonight, Hickster, from Algonquin, IL's very own Scorched Earth Brewing and our sponsor relobase.com. Things get a little, well, drunk I think would be the best way to describe but I know you've come to expect that at this point. Play it loud and proud, it's another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!!

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We were able to catch up w/ founder and frontman of Thy Antichrist, Andres"Thy Antichrist 666" Vargas, after their set @ Reggie's in Chicago March 4th. We were a bit unprepared as it all started as just chatting then Andres agreeing to a short interview. It was freezing cold outside and don't mind the El train and the Dark Funeral set in the background. Big thanks again to Andres for talking with us for a few minutes. Also, thank you to Scott "The Wicked One" Eames and Robert "Abyssus" Coronado for talking with us in the noisy ass stairwell. Sorry about the audio quality, jazz night was rippin' next door. You can see that interview on the 2 Assholes Talking Music facebook page and video of Andres' interview is available on YouTube. Cuernos Arriba!!!!!

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We'll be taking a break for a few weeks so we wanted to fire off a show before we come back with more guests and general asshatery. 
Lots of stuff to cover tonight like Slayer announcing their retirement, Marilyn Manson's drum tech (Jim's friend) getting arrested before a recent show, "Metal" being added to the dictionary, the new Tool album or lack thereof, Wes Scantlin enters rehab, the weird world of animals covering metal songs, the Super Bowl halftime show, and we close it out with the Jack in the Box Snoop Dog stoner meal. Yes, that's a real thing. We'd also like to apologize to the estate of Tom Petty. You'll see what I mean.
Our game for tonight is TWEET OR TWIT since we haven't busted that one out in awhile. We close out the show with some incredible music from local Chicago legends, HOOD SMOKE!!

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"Pick Up" - Bonobo

"Beach Head(Bonobo Remix)" - Mechanical Me

"Massage Solution" - Flying Lotus

"Deal" - Kevin Yost

"Flip Ya Lid" - Nightmares on Wax

"A Dub For Mali" - Afrolicious


"Left Hand Straw(Shit Line Gravy Remix)" - Controller 7

"Sci-Fidelity" - Free The Robots

"Listen to the Future" - Free The Robots

"Drunk Trumpet" - Kid Koala

"Let's Take Off" - Dam Funk


"Dreamslide Bomb" - Black Moth Super Rainbow

> Rogers & Haak ThreeCeePeeOh Remix

"Frost" - Salem


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We're getting ready to close out another year of 2 Assholes Talking Music so we thought we'd keep things simple tonight. Drinking beers and roasting the week in music news. We start things off with an update on the GWAR/Bullsac of Death story from our last show, why Suicide Silence can't and shouldn't catch a break, the leader of Indonesia loves Metallica, Linkin Park getting kicked out of the AMA's after winning an award, Christmas music from DMX, A Perfect Circle kicking fans out of shows for taking pictures, what kind of music psychopaths listen to, Wu Tang Clan sues a dog walking company, and that one time the Beach Boys covered a Charles Manson song. After the news we play White Boy Theater and Ryan's reign of awfulness continues. Last but not least we have some new Christmas music, this is waaaaaay better than the DMX track, from Starkill doing their rendition of "All I Want For Christmas Is You". It's kicks the Mariah Carey version right in the dick!! 

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Well, tonight started off on a bit of a sour note. We were supposed to have Mark Kloeppel from Misery Index on the phone for an interview but due to some technical difficulties on our end we had to scrap it and reschedule. After we got done crying in our beers we decided to forge ahead and do our normal show. Lots of metal news because well, we planned on tying all that into the interview with Mark. We cover Twiggy Ramirez being accused of rape and getting the boot from Marilyn Manson, GWAR guitarist Bullsac the Jaws of Death is very sick, Buckethead finally reveals why he wears a bucket on his head, new Dime Bag material, highest earning dead celebrities of 2017, Dave Grohl and Kristen Bell rock out, live concerts coming to a flight near you, Every Time I Die is being sued by a fan injured at a show, and more. We have a new WTF Band that is both equal parts offensive and hilarious, another round of Guess That Video, and we close out the show with some new and old music from Misery Index. We promise once we get our shit together we'll have Mark for an interview but till then load up the alcohol and check out the new episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

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Each year we like to put together an evil mix of music in honor of our favorite holiday, Halloween. In the past years we created a kind of episodic mix following the brutal actions of the Phantom Killer. We figured this year we would do a stand alone mix that strays from the Phantom Killer story line and concentrates more on the music. Halloween Gravy #6 features some hip hop and Jim's dark Drum N' Bass mix from our Friday the 13th show the other week. This mix is the perfect background for handing out candy and scaring the neighborhood kids, the soundtrack to whatever you plan on getting into on the 31st or just put your headphones on in a dark room and drift away into audio psychosis. Happy Halloween!!!!

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It's Friday the 13th in October so what better time to rip our Halloween show! We're joined this week by some local musicians, Johnny and Buddy from Party Obvious and Brandon Castino from Stone Rollin' Devils. We kick things off with some weird, WTF news and move into the horror movie discussion. Everything from the movie that scarred the shit out you to being the second person in the human centipede. Trust me, it just gets weird. We see which guest knows the most horror movie trivia and for once this might be a game Jim could win. We wrap things up with Jim on the turntables putting down a creepy Drum & Bass set. Many laughs and many beers were had and at some point the show jumped completely off the rails but that's the way we like it. Big thanks again to Johnny, Buddy, and Brandon for hanging out!!

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We'll be taking a few weeks off so we thought we'd just get back to basics for a night with just Jim and Ryan roasting the week in music news. We kick things off with a little public service announcement regarding our buddies in Mungion and their gear heist in Detroit. The band was recently robbed of all their gear, van, and trailer during a stop over in Michigan. Search "Mungion" on Go Fund Me if you'd like to donate to their cause and help them get back on their feet. Or you could catch them on their current N.American tour and by a ticket and some merch. From there it's more news with stories like Chance the Rapper donating two million dollars to the Chicago Public School System, Lil' Wayne's brush with death in Chicago, System of a Down goes jazz, Pharma Bro v/s Wu Tang Clan, Black Metal pop music, a death at Burning Man, what getting goose bumps while listening to music means, and why The Calgary Police says listening to heavy music makes you a nazi. Our game for tonight is another offensive round of TWEET or TWIT and we close out the show with Jim on the turntables puttin' down some sounds. 

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We're joined by local radio personality/producer Fernando Navarro tonight!! Fernando has seen it all during his time in the industry, from Mancow to the 2 Assholes. Fernando is a perfect fit for the podcast and he doesn't skip a beat once we fire things up and roast the week in music news. This week we cover a Metallica fan who was arrested after peeing on a family during a concert, R. Kelly's sex cult, the death of the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic band, Linkin Park's cryptic message about getting a new lead singer, a death at a kinky sex rave, a street performer who was told to go home and practice by local police, and more!!! We close out the show with Guess That Video and once again Fernando was right in his element. Much love to Mr. Navarro for coming out and hanging out with us for the night. This won't be the last time you hear him on the show. Support pirate radio!

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Our special guest tonight is J.B. Bartlett from Chicago's patrons of groove, Waxworks!! J.B. was nice enough to stop by the lab to talk about everything from the upcoming album to Game of Thrones. No spoilers. It's hard to put a finger on Waxworks considering the rotating line-up of talented players. One night they might have a horn section and one night they might have someone on keys. The one constant that remains is their incredible sound be it Julian's thunderous percussions or Frank's amazing voice. We feature a few tracks tonight from their 'Lost At Sea' EP while we await the release of their upcoming full length album. We pepper J.B. with a little of the ol' Q&A and a game of Fake or Real. Big thanks again to J.B. for hanging out with us and fucking around for a little bit. 

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We're joined by Chicago jam band Bodhicitta for some beers tonight!! Bodhicitta is the perfect example of what happens when four guys pick up their instruments and can all be on the same page. It's the in the pocket jams from a budding band that will hopefully be making noise on the scene for years to come. The guys stopped by the garage for a little bit to talk shop, do some beer tasting, cover the news, and play White Boy Theater. Turns out Ken is really good at it. If you're in and around the Chicago land area keep an ear out for these dudes. This is a live show you want to see. Big thanks to Kyle, Ryan, Alex, & Ken for hanging out and putting up with your shit for a few hours. It's always fun to have a good time with good people.
Check out bohicittamusic.com for more info and upcoming shows or find them on Facebook to see all their wonderful faces! 

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Tonight we have a few guests in the studio including friend of the show Bradley O. and our guest of honor Justin Lebreck!! Justin is the owner and operator of Waysound Studio in Fox River Grove, IL and the newest member of Modern Day Romeos. Justin has been involved in music and recording since he ran a studio out of his parents basement in high school. Since then he's moved into his own space and records everything from classical music to hip hop. Not to mention he's now part of one of the biggest bands in the Chicago land area. Justin was nice enough to stop by for some Q&A, taste test the new Megadeth beer, and play a round of "Guess That Video" featuring only the most offensive comments YouTube has to offer. We even made him sit through what might be the worst WTF band, Bum Sick, we've featured to date. Seriously, you have to hear this "shit" to believe it. You'll know why I put that in quotes once you hear it. I can't really put into words. We also feature a few bands that have recorded over at Waysound Studio with Justin at the helm. We didn't let the torrential down pour of rain stop us from bringing you more pirate radio so turn it up loud and enjoy!! Thanks again to Justin and Brad for hanging out and crushing some beer cans with us.  

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Unfortunately, we ran into some technical difficulties that weren't discovered until after the fact so bare with us as the sound quality is not top tier. Nevalra stopped by the lab while laying waste to the Midwest on the their Slash the Summer tour. After I introduced the boys to a Chicago delicacy, Italian beefs, we sat down to talk about everything from conspiracy theories, worst on stage moves, ryder sheets, their least favorite genre of metal, girlfriends on the road, and a lot more. As always we have to play a game so the boys took a crack at "Tweet or Twit" with the loser having to walk to the gig. 
Even if you're not a fan of of black metal or extreme metal this interview hits on all points and has something for everyone. Nevalra is one of the hardest working bands I've ever had the pleasure to meet and call my friends. The amount of work and dedication these guys put into their craft is unrivaled. I'm saying it right now, in another year Nevalra will be one of the biggest names in metal and they most certainly deserve it. Check out nevalra.com for all things satan and links to their social media accounts. It always a trip when these dudes stop in town and this time isn't any different. Tune in and support pirate radio!!!

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Just Ryan & Jim in the studio this week but no worries we'll be back in July and August with all kinds of musical guests and great interviews.
This week we cover Chris Cornell's autopsy, Nickelback hates Stone Sour, Hanson calls Bieber chylamidia of the ear, Gene Simmons is still a dick, West Texas University class on metal lyrics. the Waken Open Air Festival beer pipeline, a guy busted at Bonaroo for selling an obscene amount of fake drugs, Pop star ryder sheets, a new YouTube artist who has 40 million views and 3 million dislikes on a month old video, and we close out the news with a quiz to find out which boy band personality we are. For our game tonight it's "Fake or Real" featuring bands from the Waken Open Air Festival in Germany this August. We close out the show with some killer new music from England's very own Rag n Bone Man. This dude is blowing up right now!! Grab yourself a cold beer and pump up the volume, it's time for more pirate radio for the 2 Assholes!!!

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This is not for the faint of heart. You are about to enter the world of a madman.
Annihilation Gravy is the soundtrack of a gun toting psycho that eliminate anything and anyone who gets in his way. Nobody is safe once the gun is cocked and the finger is on the trigger. His blood lust can't be controlled and can only be satisfied once the bullets start flying. Track after track of blistering death metal paves the way to total annihilation.


"Ascendance to the Summoning" - Archspire

"Orphans of Sickness" - Deeds of Flesh


"Self Proclaimed God" - Benighted

"A Nightmare Incarnate" - Ingested


"Circo Inhumanitis" - Cattle Decapitation

"Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation" - Viraema

"Dementia" - Through The Eyes of The Dead


"Corpses Thrown Across the Sky" - Rings of Saturn

"Rotted Paradise" - Oppressor


"A Massacre in the North" - Abominable Putridity


"Scavenging the Slaughtered" - Vomitory


"Vimana" - Nevalra

"No New Beginning" - Blood Red Throne


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This week we're joined by Bridge for a quick jam session and a little interview afterwards. Bridge has been around for many years and has played many shows. A few line up changes later they're back to their core trio and have never sounded better. Like a fine wine, Bridge has aged well and if you take enough of it you'll be left in a blackout trying to find your car keys. The guys were nice enough to let us hang out at their jam spot for the night and record some tunes and screw around. Topics include musical influences, favorite British Invasion band, why Chris Cornell is better than everyone, and more. Big thanks to Charlie, Adam, & Paul for the beers and all the stupid laughs. Can't wait to do it all again. 

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Jim from the 2 Assholes Talking Music Podcast put together an incredible groovy deep house mix over the weekend. When Jim gets in the lab he always puts out some pure fire. It's a spotlight mix of Spiritchaser and Richard Earnshaw.

Tony Vass – "Fly Me Higher" (Earnshaw & Jones Radio Remode)
Spiritchaser – "I Have Seen" (Club Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Taiga" (Original Mix)
Mr. Moon feat. Desy – "Gonna Give You" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Richard Earnshaw feat. Polina Griffith – "Can’t Go Back" (Classic Vocal Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Blue Skies" (Original Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Ride" (Original Mix)
Ross Couch – "Last One Home" (Spiritchaser Remix)
Husky – "Break Free" feat. Fourfeet (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Spiritchaser – "Yesterday’s Gone" (Tomorrow’s Dub)
Spiritchaser – "Ride" (Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Cartier Fraser – "Love That You Need" (HK Beach House Edit)(Richard Earnshaw Remix)
Ayce DJ & Karlito feat. Paul Lee – "Havana" (Richard Earnshaw Classic Vocal Mix)
Tony Momrelle – "Back Together Again" feat. Chantae Cann (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
Spiritchaser – "Not Far" (Original Mix)
One51 – "Elevate" (Earnshaw’s House Mix)
Richard Earnshaw pres. Modified People – "We Are" (Original Mix)
Tony Momrelle – "Spotlight" (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix)
Allovers feat. Elliot Champman – "Psychedelic Love" (Earnshaw & Hayes Remix)
Ernst Schoemaker – "Lost In Time" (Spiritchaser Shifting Dub)


A little short on stories this week due to back to back shows but we're here to roast the week in music news and crush some beers. Lots of news to cover this week and we also debut a new game, Tweet or Twit. Stories inclube Mickey Free confirming the Prince/Charlie Murphy True Hollywood story, son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujullo joins Korn, Scott Stap can see dead rock stars in his mirror, a shrimp named after Pink Floyd, Brittney is leaving Vegas, Paul Oakenfold plays on top of Mt. Everest, and more. Since we're short on news this week we decided to double on the games and also debut a new one as well. Start it off with White Boy Theater followed up by Tweet or Twit. A new game where Jim has to guess if the offensive tweets Ryan is reading are fake or real. 
We close out the show with some killer sounds from Arizona's very own, Spafford!! Our buddies Mungion are supporting them on the road now so we figured what better time to show some love for an incredible band that will melt most part of your body clean off. 
Thanks for listening and keep on supporting pirate radio!!!!

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Jim & Ryan are back in the studio this week to pound some beers and roast the week in music news. No guests tonight so it's just our regular format with the news, a brand new WTF Band you have to hear to believe, and another round of Guess That Video. 

Tonight we cover stories like the death of Chuck Berry, a British woman arrested for blasting Ed Sheeran at her neighbors, alien radio signals from outer space, the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, Barry Manilow coming out, Suge Knight adds to the Tupac conspiracy, the Disney ban hammer, Nikki Sixx on Broadway, and more. After the news we feature Pugtopsy, a pug dog fronted black metal band and close out the show with Guess That Video and a short mix of music. Grab your favorite cocktail and join us for your weekly dose of pirate radio!!

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Today we were on location in the home of Bill Murray's "Groundhog Day" hanging out with Marc Esses & DJ New Vintage, one of the coolest local bands we've had the pleasure to cover in recent months. A DJ-drum duo that is taking the scene by storm and leaving empty bottles and tired dancing feet in their wake. This past weekend they took part in the Shamrocked Fest so we cracked a few beers and a couple of mics before the party started. Well, technically it never stopped from the night before. If you're in and around the Chicago land area keep an eye out for these guys because I guarantee you won't see anything like this!! 

Direct download: Asshole73final.mp3
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Considering the blood alcohol level in the room last Friday night we manage to have a pretty decent show. We've been having lots of bands so far this year but we decided to get back to normal and roast the week in music news and drink beer. Lots of it. Chris from the Stone Rollin' Devils stops by to talk about the Super Bowl halftime show, Arnold Shwarzeneger beefing with Nickelback on Twitter, the science of music, an onstage enema goes wrong, Australia's favorite song to have sex to, Bieber being an asshole again, Aaron Carter fighting his supporting act on stage, the ARMY hates Smashmouth, was Michael Jackson murdered, and more. Jim finally redeems himself in Guess That Video and we feature some music from one of the UK's premiere MCs, Leafdog. Grab a beer or 10 to catch up and join us for another barely sober episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music. Support pirate radio!!!


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2 Assholes Talking Music #70

We're joined tonight by local legends and avid beer drinkers, Party Obvious!! Buddy and Johnny stop the lab to drink beers, discuss the many complexities of life and why you should always wear a horse head when playing the drums. In between our fireside chat we feature some tracks off their album, Waking The Neighbors, feature a new WTF Band, and play White Boy Theater. It was a blast having these guys in the studio for a night and hope to do it again real soon. If you live in and around the Chicago land area chances are you can catch these guys at a bar near you. Check out partyobvious.com for all things party and a list of upcoming shows. Stay weird and support pirate radio!!!

Direct download: Asshole70final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #69

We're joined this week by the incredibly talented, Mungion!! The boys were nice enough to stop by the lab before their show this past Friday night. We talk some quick shop about the band's history, what does their name mean, their musical influences and more. Later in the show we get into another round of Guess That Video and then close things out with live music from Mungion's show at The House Cafe this past December (set list below). Big thanks again to Mungion for stopping in and hanging out!! Support pirate radio!!


The House Cafe

DeKalb, IL

December 30, 2016


Recorded & Edited by

Duain Altepeter



01 One Night Stan 6:03


02 Schvingo >  2:27


03 Hey Arnold > 0:44


04 Schvingo 11:50


05 Makanda 6:37


06 Myrtle 15:11


07 Sloob Syndrome 12:22


08 Quemaste Tu Cabello > 5:16


09 Beneath the Shallows 18:43


10 Chemical Plant 8:14


11 Justice 9:58


12 Hindsight 13:12

Direct download: Asshole69final.mp3
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Garage Gravy


"No Waves" - FIDLAR

"Couldn't Find Love" - Coachwhips

"Laser Beams" - Demon's Claw

"Growing Faith" - White Fence

"In the Aeroplane Over the Sea" - Neutral Milk Hotel

"Charlie Moon (style tycoon)" - Charlie & The Moon Hearts

"All The Way to PA" - Machine Go Boom

"Build Me A Ladder" - Machine Go Boom

"Seaview, Wilson? Yield!" - Epsilons

"To the Dregs" - Wavves

"In 'N' Out" - Mudhoney

"Subject" - The Ettes

"Stress" - Holograms

"A Wall, a Century 2" - Thee Oh Sees

"Tide" - Mikal Cronin

"(Do the) Go Fuck Yourself" - Nobunny

"Gas Station"  -Liquor Store

"Corona"  -Minutemen

"Sad Fuzz" - Ty Segall

"Ribbon of Fear" - Hornet Leg

"The Start of Something" - Voxtrot

"Hey, Sandy" - Polaris

"Roadrunner" - The Modern Lovers

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2 Assholes Talking Music #68

Tonight we are live with Dave Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town!!! 

The band was nice enough to let us hang out for a bit and do a live social media broadcast of a few tracks. Links for the video are below. After a few songs we sit down with Dave, Jon Monti(mandolin), and Henry Heine(stand-up bass) and just talk a little shop while having a few drinks. 

2 Assholes Twitter - @DETGravy

2 Assholes Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/2ATMusic/


Dave Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town






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2 Assholes Talking Music #67

This is our official last show of 2016. In years past we've tried and failed to do a full on wrap up of the year in music so this year we decided to just kind of half ass it. We start off with some quick news like Phil Anselmo apologizing for his white power outburst, Joe Bonamassa attacking a bouncer with a rare guitar, Beyonce & Disturbed being nominated in the same category at the Grammy Awards, the highest selling CD of the year, the most viral videos of 2016, the top 3 songs of the year according to the Top 40 charts, our favorite albums/artists of the year, some really cool isolated vocal tracks, and our favorite/most hated Christmas songs. 

After all the news we bust our another round of White Boy Theater. Ryan Actually gets a few right this time. Amazing!! We close out the show with a few choice cuts from our favorite bands/songs of the year. Big thanks to everyone out there that took the time to listen to the show this year. Your support means more than you'll ever know to us. Jim & Ryan have some big things planned for 2017 like lots of guests and live acoustic jam sessions from some of Chicago's biggest local and independent bands. Stay tuned and keep supporting pirate radio!!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #66

Back in the lab with a couple of guest tonight. We're joined by Chicago musicians from the band Kelly, Paul Somers and John Tashjian. You can also find John performing at Chicago piano Bar, Howl At The Moon. We bust a couple of stories from the music world like Kanye canceling his tour and being admitted into the looney bin, 5 Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody walking off stage mid show, headphones being hacked and used as listening devices, Shia Lebouf being kicked out of a Warpaint concert, Canadian cops using Nickelback songs to punish drunk drivers, and a new line of beer from Killswitch Engage. After the news we do some beer tasting featuring beers from Iron Maiden and AC/DC and from there we got a new WTF Band that all Star Wars fans will enjoy. We close out the show with a round of Fake or Real with bands from the upcoming Snow Globe Festival in Lake Tahoe, CA. Our featured local band tonight is none other than Chicago powerhouse, Miss Remember. The buzz on this band has been growing in 2016 and their poised to do some really great things in 2017. You can find their music on Band Camp and I suggest you head over there and support some great local music. 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #65

The title may say it's episode #65 but were actually dubbing this one #666 because we're tonight were joined by Missouri death band, Nevalra!!! The guys were nice enough to stop by while out on the Northern Nightmare tour currently shredding through the midwest. We sat down, drank a few beers and talked about their worst gig ever, metal sub genres and why they suck, what albums got them into music, the band's writing process, feature some cuts from the album and more. We close out the show with a Nevalra v/s the house edition of Guess That Video. We find out if Jim can beat someone other than himself. Big thanks again the guys from Nevalra for stopping by the garage and spending their Sunday night off hanging out with us assholes. Check out nevalra.com for everything Nevalra including tour dates, social media, merch and more!!! 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #64

It's the big Halloween show with few guests in the studio! Nick and Brandon from the Stone Rollin' Devils stopped by for beers and to talk shop on horror movies. Before we get to this years list of Halloween movies to watch we do some quick news starting off with the Jay-Z/Kanye Beef, DMX thanks the cops who saved his life, new Tribe Called Quest album, Roger Daltrey thinks rock is dead, Bieber storms off stage, and new unreleased Prince music. Then it time for metal news with a feel good story about a cop jamming with kids, the death of Dethklok, and the new White Chapel single. We close out the show with a batch of movies to watch this Halloween season. 

Grab a drink and join us for more pirate radio!!!


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2 Assholes Talking Music #63

We're back to our regular format tonight, roasting the news and ripping beers. Lots of ground to cover after taking a few weeks off. We start off with Bob Dylan winning a Nobel Prize, As I Lay Dying's Tim Lambesis and his steroid man boobs, Vinnie Paul still hates Phil Anselmo, the Biggie hologram, Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl and who we would pick to play, the Rob Zombie/John Carpenter beef, the clown epidemic and what ICP is doing to stop it, Corey Feldman back on the Today Show, Nickelback hates Nickelback jokes, Alex Lifeson likes MDMA and Tool, Damian Marley's prison pot farm, the new R. Kelly Christmas album, and we close out the news with some tech news with the new Amazon music streaming service. 

Our WTF Band for tonight comes courtesy of 2 piece noise rock band, Lightning Bolt!! An incredible wall of sound from Rhode Island that makes music like no other band out there. After that it's time for some Fake or Real featuring bands from the 2016 Desert Daze music festival in Joshua Tree, CA.

The local artist for the night is great friend of the show, Justin Purtill. It's hard to put Justin in any kind of category or genre so it's best to just let the music do the talking. He's played in the Jerry Garcia Band and alongside an incredible roster of storied jazz musicians. His music is available on iTunes or you can catch him live at any coffeehouse or jazz club throughout the city of Chicago.

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2 Assholes Talking Music #62

We're joined in studio tonight with singer/songwriter Dave Prusina!! An incredible talent from Chicago who fronts local band Dave Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town, an Americana folk band that's taking over local stages with their blue collar sound. Dave sits down for some Q&A plus we do a little beer tasting and later we subject him to a few rounds of Guess That Video and White Boy Theater. Look for Dave Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town on Facebook to find all their upcoming dates or on their YouTube channel for live performances. Big thanks to Dave for putting up with us and hanging out for a few hours.

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2 Assholes Talking Music #62

We're joined in studio tonight with singer/songwriter Dave Prusina!! An incredible talent from Chicago who fronts local band Dave Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town, an Americana folk band that's taking over local stages with their blue collar sound. Dave sits down for some Q&A plus we do a little beer tasting and later we subject him to a few rounds of Guess That Video and White Boy Theater. Look for Dave Prusina & The Cryin' Side of Town on Facebook to find all their upcoming dates or on their YouTube channel for live performances. Big thanks to Dave for putting up with us and hanging out for a few hours.

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2 Assholes Talking Music #61

This week we cover the Kanye VMA rant as best we can, the Chris Brown police stand-off, Drake's tour bus getting robbed, the death of NWA manager Jerry Heller, ICP fans cutting off body parts, Darkthrone's Fenriz being elected to his local city council, the break-up of Abiotic, Gene Simmons on celebs endorsing politicians, the 31 year anniversary of Frank Zappa debating Kandy Stroud of the PMRC, what makes a song an ear worm, the Katy Perry catfish, Bieber's credit card getting denied at an LA Subway shop, and Robert DeNiro has no idea who Oasis is.

After the news we have a new WTF Band that can only be best described as Mongolian Throat Singing metal. It's as bizarre as it sounds. We close out the show with another incredible local band, well regional I guess. Inimical Drive out of St. Louis is our featured artist tonight!! 

Grab a drink and join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #60

Back in the studio again with a cooler of beer and a stack of music news!! We thought we would have a short show this week but it turns out after a few beers we can ramble with the best of them. Tonight we cover some Olympic stories like Michael Phelps's pre-race music setlist, Shaun White being sued by a former band member, Adele turning down the Super Bowl gig, going to concerts make you happy, auctioneers mixed with a beat, the death of NIN's James Wooley, the new Prophets of Rage album, Corey Taylor kicks out another fan, the music of Stranger Things, the new MTV retro channel, bands combating stolen gear, and we close out the news with the Top 10 band fueds of all-time. For our game tonight we return to our classic Guess That Video with only the finest YoutTube comments that will make you cringe. To close out the show we have our new segment featuring local bands/talent. Tonight it's Chicago's very own Karl Neurauter. We have a great track off the singer/songwriters 2014 EP, The Moon Ranch Sessions.

Grab your favorite cocktail and pump up the volume for a little a pirate radio. It's time for 2 Assholes Talking Music!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #59

Tonight we get right to it after being out of the lab for over a month. Stories include Perry Farrell trashing Lollapalooza in the press, Jack White launches a turntable into orbit, Justin Bieber's look-a-like kills himself, the Taylor Swift/Kanye beef, Katy Perry is the most followed person on Twitter, audio from Chino Moreno performing inside of a volcano, Linkin Park claims they "saved" metal, Megadeth has a new beer, Ozzy voicing a character on a Disney cartoon, Amazon's new voice command headphones, the 2016 MTV VMAs, Motley Crue's new line of dildos, stories from Eminem's former bodyguard, and a rapper who shot himself in the face on Facebook Live. After all the news we feature a new WTF Band, the Red Hot Chili Pipers. We close out the show with another round of Fake or Real featuring bands from the 2016 Wacken Open Air Festival. Another thing we've been trying to do lately is feature some local music so we chose one of the hottest bands in the Chicago land, Mungion. These guys are crazy talented and have a bright future ahead of them. We wrap the show with their song "Nut Head". As always thanks for listening!!

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Salmon Gravy

Gone Fishin'

Direct download: Salmon_Gravyfinal.mp3
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Electronic Gravy

Some cool synth sounds.....


"They Live in the Meadow" - Black Moth Super Rainbow

"Cybernetic Love" - Casco

"Cut Dick" - Mr. Oizo

"Year of the Dog" - Fuck Buttons

"The Red Wing" - Fuck Buttons

"Computer Love" - Glass Candy

"Oxygene Pt. 3" - Jean Michel Jarre

"Train to Pluton" - M83

"ABC Auto Industry" - OMD

"Gross Magik" - TOBACCO

"Division" - Solar Bears


"73X" - Visione

"Let It Be" - Blackmill ft. Veela

"Broken Cub" - Nitemoves

"Lake of Dreams" - Mirage

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2 Assholes Talking Music #58

Rolling along into another great show this week! We start the show off with some tragic news regarding the Christina Grimmie shooting in Orlando during an autograph signing. After that we switch gears and get back to roasting the news with stories like Axl Rose asking Google to take down his fat face pictures, the massive drug bust at Bonaroo, the new Prophets of Rage tour and album, Joey Jordison's battle with MS, Eric Clapton finally calling it quits, Deftones playing inside of a volcano, the Irish fans at Euro Cup 2016, an 82 year old man that really like Drowning Pool, Bobby Brown having sex with a ghost, the new family friendly version of Cattle Decapitation, and finally a mom who really hates Primus. After the news we play a quick round of Guess That Video and close out the show. Grab a cold beer and join us for some more idiocy as we dive into another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music !!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #57

This week we talk tons of music news, new album releases, and Jim reads gangsta rap lyrics while we play another around of White Boy Theater. We close out the show with some indie music from the east coast. Underground Drum 'N Bass producer, The Mad Proffesor himself,  Digibilly!! It's been awhile since we've featured some local artists, well local to some I guess. This dude rips some really grimy, dark sounding stuff. I can guarantee this won't be the last you hear of him on 2ATM. 

Our stories tonight include the deaths of former MEGADETH drummer Nick Menza and ex-Municipal Waste drummer Brandon Ferrell, Gathering of the Juggalos 2016, Phil from White Chapel hates metal elitisim, new super groups Prophets of Rage and Gone Is Gone, fan loses an ear at an Eagles of Death Metal show, and Chris Cornell's stalker is on the loose, Kanye got robbed, Fatty Wapp's new video gets a principal suspended, The Who's Roger Daltry hates the internet, Oasis and the Beatles Curse, Art Garfunkel sucks at being an audience member, Adele tells a fan to stop filming, and finally the new hologram concert sensation Hatsune Miku.




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Drum 'N Bass Gravy

Jim from the 2 Assholes Talking Music podcast put together a sexy mix of drum & bass sounds over the weekend. He's a purist when it comes to the genre of DnB so you know it's going to hit on all points and come correct. 

DJ Clart - "Street Dreams"
Cutworks - "When I Remember"
Technimatic - "Looking for Diversion" (feat. Lucy Kitchen)
Random Movement - "Fessing Up About Nothing"
Soultec - "The Dreamer Within"
Phase 2 - "Touching Me"
Phase 2 - "Calipso"
Brokendrum - "Smile" (Random Movement Remix)
Cutworks - "Female Demands"
Cutworks & Nummix - "Watch Your Feelings"
RoyGreen & Protone - "Deep Inside"
Kasper & Brokendrum - "Don't Know Why"
Submorphics - "Forward Boulevard" (feat. Christina Tamayo)

Direct download: Funky_DnB_Mix_052716.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #56

We're back to roast the week in music news with lots of ground to cover. Starting with the death of Prince and all the family drama. From there it's more family drama with the Zappa's then on to more drama involving Puddle of Man frontman Wes Scantlin. After that Scott Stapp tells a few lies, 50 Cent makes fun of an autistic kid, Trent Reznor going to work for Apple, McDonald's new MIDI keyboard place mat, a metal band featuring a 67 year old grandma lead singer, Dying Fetus spreads a fans ashes, Warren G butchers "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and other famous celebs doing the same, Radiohead's new single, and another miserable WTF Band. We close out the show with a game of "Guess That Video" featuring only the trashiest YouTube comments. Fill your ears with a couple of assholes!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #55

We're back in the studio with a vengeance this week after taking a few months off. Jim welcomed in his 4th child so we figured there was probably more important things going on in the world than making fun of music headlines. 
It felt good to crack some cold beers and turn the mics on because so much happened while we were gone. We cherry picked some great stories this week like all the drama at the recent Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, Led Zeppelin being sued for ripping off Stairway To Heaven, John Bonham named greatest drummer of all time, Courtney Love on the death of rock, Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys getting arrested, an Indonesian pop singer getting bit by a cobra and dying on stage, the Notorious B.I.G. hologram tour, celebs/musicians endorsing political candidates, the Sarah Palin/Azeliah Banks beef, and Prince being rushed to the hospital.

After the news we close out the show with a hysterical round of Fake or Real featuring bands from Coachella 2016. You won't want to miss this one! Pump up the volume and grab your favorite cocktail while the 2 Assholes roast the week in music news!!

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Torture Gravy

The 2 Assholes have been on hiatus for the last month or so but we've been plotting all the while. The final product of swapping files back and forth is a jigsaw puzzle of death metal culminating in this brutal mix of  savagery. 



"Conquest of Gliese" - Abiotic

"Fifty Ton War Machine" - Devourment

White Chapel – The Saw Is The Law

"Lie To My Face" - Carnifex

"Doomsday" - Impending Doom

"Doomed From Birth" - Thy Art Is Murder

"Blacked Out" - White Chapel

"Hellhole" - Impending Doom

"Entombment of a Machine"


"Indoctrinate" - Immolation

"Vimana" - Nevalra

"Axe to Mouth" - Gorgasm

"Le Detenteur" - Beyond Creation

"Projectile Ovulation" - Cattle Decapitation

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2 Assholes Talking Music #54

Tonight we dive right into the news to cover the biggest show of the year. Of course I'm talking about the Super Bowl halftime show. From there it's Kanye's Twitter beef w/ Wiz & Amber Rose, Snoop Dogg's new nature show, DMX's brush with death earlier this week, Chief Keef being Chief Keef, Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin freaking out on an audience member, former Marilyn Manson member wishes death on MM, an Iranian metal band facing the death penalty for playing music, the new EDM Awards, and a new brand of vaginal baby speakers. After the news it's WTF Band w/ the one and only Wing!! We love Wing!! We close out the show with White Boy Theater and call it a night. Support Pirate Radio!!!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #53

We got beers and a whole bunch of music news to tear apart this week. We start things off with a hilarious story about the 3 day Phish show down in Cancun that left one traveler a bit pissed off about his vacation destination. From there we get into the police files with former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter being arrested for starting a bar fight, Don "American Pie" McLean being arrested for domestic violence, and a rapper in Florida who tried to pass his mixtape off as a form of I.D. After that a quick story on the guy who now has Sir Mix-a-Lots old cell phone number, the NWA reunion at Coachella, Mos Def calls it quits, a black metal singer murdered in Thailand, Christian Bale learning to play the drums from Pantera and Mastodon, the new brand of Lemmy whiskey, an insanely cool Linkin Park mash-up track, the drama over at Guitar Center, more deaths in the music world, and we close out the news with a list of the most explicit bands in pop music according to some stupid ass survey. After all the news we play another round of Guess That Video with Jim trying to redeem his overall score by placing the horrible YouTube comments with the correct videos. We recommend you pour yourself a large cocktail and join us for a little pirate radio with the 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #52

Knocking the rust off after the holiday break with some cold beers and a new episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music! We missed a few big stories while we were gone so we don't waste anytime getting into the news tonight. We start things off the passing of some pretty heavy hitters like Natalie Cole and Scott Weiland then we cover the man, the myth, the legend. Lemmy!! After we cover the obituaries we dive into Robert Trujillo's hungover Metallica audition, the new Hardee's ad featuring Pantera, a bar patron who hates Christmas music, the announcement of the Coachella line-up, Steeley Dan frontman in trouble with the law, and the Super Bowl halftime show. After the rock news we feature an incredible treasure recently unearthed, Freddie Mercury's isolated vocal track from We Are the Champions. Then it's Tyga creeping on underage girls and then we close out the news Azelia Banks fighting with bouncers and getting arrested. Our WTF Band for the night comes courtesy of the Black Sabbath/McDonald's tribute band, Mac Sabbath. We end the show with a round of Fake or Real where Jim has to guess if the bands I name are real featuring artists from this years Coachella line-up. 2 Assholes Talking Music is on the air!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #51

First show in a couple of weeks so it feels good to be back in the lab with a cold beer in our hands. We took a break from the mics to bring you our annual Halloween special and it's our first show back after featuring some live music in the studio. We start things off with Jason Aldean dressing in black face for Halloween the we cover Justin Bieber's temper tantrum on stage in Norway, Randy Blythe(Lamb of God) getting jumped in Ireland, John Lennon's million dollar guitar sells at auction, Irish boy bands being used as a torture device, and Chester Bennington leaving STP. We take a quick break to discuss the Paris terrorist attacks being that they happened hours before we turned on the mics. At the time we were just finding out that the Eagles of Death Metal show was attacked. From there we finish up the rest of the news with the night club fire in Romania the killed 40+ including band members, an update on the health of Bad Brain's Dr. Know, Questlove getting snubbed by Finding Nemo, and close it out with Skrillex v/s DeadMau5 on Twitter.

After the news it's more WTF Bands featuring Finland's premier dinosaur themed metal band, Hevisaurus. A group of dinosaurs that plays children themed heavy metal. It's awesome! For our game tonight it's White Boy Theater. Jim reads gangster rap lyrics in his whitest voice, his normal voice and Ryan has to guess the rapper. Grab a beer and join us for some pirate radio!! 

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Halloween Gravy #5

It's our favorite time of the year, Halloween!!! Staying with tradition we've put together another mix that continues the story of the Phantom Killer. If you remember from last year the original Phantom Killer was eventually caught and jailed for his heinous deeds. This year it seems he's spawned a copycat killer and he's wreaking havoc wherever he goes. The Copycat Killer is ruthless in his pursuit for blood and he'll stop at nothing to find his next victim. He could be your co-worker, maybe a neighbor. Maybe he's in your house right now. The Copycat Killer is driven by rage, a rage that runs so deep it can only be quenched with brutality. 

Turn off the lights and join us for another installment of Halloween Gravy!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #50

Tonight we're celebrating our 50th episode with some in studio guests, The Stone Rolling Devils!!! We figured that since this is kind of a landmark episode we'd have a little fun and invite some friends over to drink beer and jam out in the lab. The Stone Rolling Devils are an incredible blues band from the Chicago land area and have been trucking along now for many years. Despite a few line-up changes their sound is better than ever thanks to architect in charge Gary Smith. If you're ever in the city or around the suburbs of Chicago and these dudes are playing I highly recommend you saddle up to the bar and enjoy the show. We start the night off with a little jam sessions then get into talking shop, finding out what the guys are listening to, and close out the show with a group session of Guess That Video. It was an absolute treat to have these guys over and something tells me this won't be the last time we have these guys in the studio. Grab a drank and give the volume a crank it's the 50th episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music w/ The Stone Rolling Devils!!!!


The Stone Rolling Devils are:

Gary Smith - vox & harmonica

Brandon Castino - guitar

Chris Angelos -  guitar

Paul Chivari - bass

Nick Hawkins - drums

Direct download: Asshole50final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #49

Another Friday night another round of beers and roasting the week in music news!! This week we cover the ongoing feud between Jack White and Patrick Carney from the Black Keys, Elton John's prank meeting with Vladimir Putin, R.E.M v/s Donald Trump, the cancer scam carried out by the lead singer of a Pennsylvania hardcore band, Jerry Garcia's lost drug arrest tapes, Keith Richards hating on everyone from rappers to the Beatles, lost recordings from John Belushi and '80s punk band FEAR, the upcoming Frank Zappa movie, Budweiser teaming up with Metallica for a limited line of beers, and we close out the news with 11 songs that were banned by Clear Channel after 9/11. 

After all that we cover new album releases for the upcoming month and close out the show with another offensive round of Guess That Video courtesy of the YouTube comment section. Grab your beverage of choice and support pirate radio with another great episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!!

Direct download: Asshole49final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #48

Back in the lab to roast the week in music news and throw back a couple of beers. This week we start things off with some metal news including Lemmy's failing health, his switch to vodka and his collapse on stage, Gene Simmons being investigated for child porn, Iron Maiden's tribute to Robin Williams, ExMortus being banned by Disney at the west coast House of Blues, and Dave Mustaine being asked if he would play with Metallica. From there we switch gears to the rap world with Ice Cube's claim that he and NWA paved the way for South Park & Eminem, Eazy E's son claiming Suge Knight killed his dad w/ AIDS, and Amy Schumer rapping with Talib Kweli on stage in Chicago. After that more Grateful Dead news after they announced they're hitting the road again this fall and we close out the news with a story about Justin's Bieber look-alike who killed himself. For our WTF Bands segment tonight we feature an actual Simpsons/Ned Flanders tribute band to make up for last weeks travesty. Finally, we close out the show with another round of White Boy Theater where Jim reads rap lyrics in his whitest voice possible, basically himself, and I have to guess the artist. Give the volume a crank and grab another drank because it's time for more pirate radio with the 2 Assholes Talking Music

Direct download: Asshole48final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #47

We're back to roast the week in music news with cooler full of beer!! Tonight we start things off with a big show announcement. From there we rip into the news and cover Slpknot's Corey Taylor and his opinion on the current state of pop music followed up with an update on Slipknot's V-man and his random on stage injury, Slayer being inducted into the Smithsonian Musuem, a guy who hand farts Slayer songs, Dying Fetus v/s an OBGYN in the Netherlands, an update on all the Bobbi Kristina Brown drama, the sudden death of rapper Sean P, Skrillex talking shit about DeadMau5, the new companion album to the Nirvana documentary Montage of Heck, Fat Mike from NOFX paying a fan to leave the show, new album releases, another dose of WTF bands, and we close it out with more of "Guess That Video" featuring only the finest YouTube comments. Give the volume a crank and grab another drank cause it's pirate radio at it's finest with the 2 Assholes Talking Music!!

Direct download: Asshole47final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #46

This week we're joined by good friends of the show Teddy French and BC for another wrap-up of the week in music. After a few beers we get into this year's Gathering of the Juggalos and ICP's tax problems, Lil' Wayne being marked for death, Vinnie Paul's decison to remove the Confederate Flag from all Pantera merch, Phil Rudd from AC/DC in trouble again, the possible ban on music downloading in the UK, Finley Quaye being thrown off stage, Harry Potter meets Slim Shady, & new WTF band ft. Lady Baby. After all the news we debut a new game, White Boy Theater. Jim reads gangsta rap lyrics to me in his best white guy voice and I have to guess who the rapper is. Could be the best game ever played on this show. For the music tonight we went with a little hip hop mix courtesy of the Illuminati guy. Happy beers to you!!



"Broken Antenae" - Jak Progresso


"What Happened to That Toy" - The Weathermen

"8 Steps to Perfection" - Company Flow

"Obsolete" - The Orphange (Illogic-Slug-Aesop Rock-Blueprint-Eyedea)

"Myron Fagan v/s Mondee

"C.I.A."(Criminals In Action) - Zach De La Rocha, KRS One, The Last Emperor

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2 Assholes Talking Music #45

We're back in the lab to fire up another show and pay tribute to Grateful Dead and their 50 years of melting minds. Before we get to all the heady tunes it's business as usual with beer and music news. P Diddy gets us started with his arrest during his son's football practice then Kanye Covering Queen @ Glastonbury, the rapper who cut his dick off, Mars Volta and their epic weed habit, Selfie Sticks at concerts, and close it out with a new WTF band, Hate Beak. After news it's Guess That Video and more horrible YouTube comments. We close it out with some of our favorite Dead tunes in honor of the Fare Thee Well shows. Grab your party favor of choice and tune into the greatest pirate radio show ever created!!!



"Crowd Sculptures & Parallelogram" - Infrared Roses

"Alligator" - Filmore East April '71

"Eyes of the World" - Syracuse, NY 9/28/76


"Cold Rain & Snow" - Madison, WI 2/3/78

"Jack Straw" - Europe '72

"Weather Report Suite" - Providence, RI 6/26/74


"Cumberland Blues" - Workingman's Dead

"You See a Broken Heart" - Oddities & Rare Cuts 1966

"Dire Wolf" - Filmore East 2/13/70

Direct download: Asshole45final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #44

Back in the lab after a quick summer break with more music news and cheap beers! We did our first live show down at Chicago Craft Beer Week but it feels good to be back at our home base doing what we do best, talking music. This week we cover Dave Grohl's broken leg, Smash Mouth lead singer Steve Harwell's on stage freak out, rumors of Spotify eleminating their free service, new album releases, and BabyMetal. For the game segment of the show we bust out "Fake or Real" featuring bands from the upcoming Glastonbury Festival and Jim rounds out the show with a smooth electronic mix. It's pirate radio at it's finest with 2 Assholes Talking Music!!



"Never Felt So Fly"(vocal breakdown) - Rasmus Faber ft. Melo

"All Night High"(Miguel Miggs Salted Dub Deluxe) - Lisa Shaw

"Still A Dancer" - Kemdi

"Inside the Loop" - Jimpster

"Love You Better" - Jimpster

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Secret Stash #7: British Invasion

I've been listening to a lot of underground British hip hop lately, well, underground in the states at least. These dudes from across the pond are bringing it back with an English touch and it sounds nice. I wanted to spotlight some of the stuff I've been listening to lately but also point out that this is by no means complete coverage of the scene over in England. The Secret Stash is always dedicated to undgerground sounds and there's a lot of noise coming from over in jolly ol' England. Grab a pint or 5 and spin the dial till you land on OI!!


"Spark It Up" - Skuff & Inja

"One Drink(that's completely out the question) - Dirty Dike ft. Jam Baxter, Ronnie Bosh

"Who's That Muddy Funkster" - Stig of the Dump

"The Tear Down" - Dupa Styles

"Drug Co." - Hock Tu Down

"The Great Escape" - Universal Soliders

"Mind Out" - Foreign Beggars ft. Skrien

"Future Posse Cut One Thousand" - Dirty Dike ft. Stig of the Dump, Dr.Syntax, BVA, DatKid, Verb T. Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Mr.Key, Fliptrix, & Leaf Dog

"This Ain't a Track" - Unusual Suspects

"Silent Flight" - The Four Owls

"It's a Mad World" - BVA ft. Fliptrix, Cracker Jon. & DJ Sammy B-Side

"Straight Out" - Kashmere the Iguana Man

"Dub Styles" - Roots Manuva

"Blaze It Up" - The Mouse Outfit

"Culture Pop" - CopperShot & Braintax

"Alcoholic Author" - Jehst

"Rosegarden" - Edward Scissortongue


Direct download: Secret_Stash_7final.mp3
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Live @ Merkle's Bar/Rapture Fest 2015

We took the show on the road a few weeks back and took part in celebrating Craft Beer Week in Chicago. We posted up in Wrigleyville @ Merkle's Bar & Grill and spun some brutal tunes all night in honor of Rapture Fest featuring heavy beers and heavier music. We drank some beers, played a few games, and gave away some swag. Big thanks to Russ Bishop and the whole crew at Merkle's, executive chef Marshall McCarthy and everyone over at Mash for providing the insane smoked meats, all the craft breweries for supplying the suds, and everyone who came out and didn't get skeeved out from our videos. You had to be there.


Direct download: Live__Merkles.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #43

Back with more of the same tonight and just the way you like it! Music news, cheap beer and more Guess That Video. Tonight's we cover Kanye and the Illuminati, Jay-Z's failing TIDAL, AC/DC's Phil Rudd and his murder for hire plot, Pat Robertson's advice to kids who like evil music, & new albums releases. After the news it's another round of Guess That Video w/ YouTube's finest. Before we get into the music we make a big announcement about our upcoming live show at Chicago's Craft Beer week. We close it out with lots of brutal metal featuring some new music from friends of the show, Nevalra. Give the volume a crank and grab a drank it's time for 2 Assholes Talking Music!!



Music Intro

"The Will to Potency" - Krisiun

"Fed to the Wolves" - Misery Index

"Terror Throne" - Nevalra

"Indoctrinate" - Immolation

"Descend-Die" - Nevalra

"Abandon All Hope" - Dying Fetus

Direct download: Asshole43final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #42

On tonight's show we cover the dispute over the ashes of Gwar lead singer David Brockie, the upcoming Metallica album, new music from Slayer, Marilyn Manson's fight at a Canadian Denny's. From there we switch gears to the rap world with Nelly getting arrested for drug possession, DMX accused of armed robbery, Wu-Tang groupies in divorce court and close things out with some news on the summer Grateful Dead shows. After the news it's another round of the internet's favorite game show, Guess That Video! Jim gets another dose of raunchy YouTube comments and tries to break his losing streak. For the music we drank a bunch of beers and did a live mix in the lab of the hip hop variety. Double fist another round and join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!



Intro: Ox 9000 - Vast Aire

"The Cannon of Samus" - Vast Aire

"Basic Cable" - Aesop Rock

"Waiting List" - Dr.Octagon

Bahamadia mix

Direct download: Asshole42final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #41

We're back with more music news and cheap beer!! Tonight we cover the Justin Bieber Roast or whatever you want to call that abomination, the complaints to the FCC about the Super Bowl halftime show, a list of the American Idol winners records sales from first to worst, fans petitioning to have Kanye removed from the Glastonbury Festival, the new Tool album, and Suge Knight finally getting what he deserves. Of course, when the news is over we fire up another round of Guess That Video featuring some the worst YouTube comments and Jim has to match them up with the correct video. This might actually be some of the most crass comments we've featured yet so don't miss out. After all the talking we close out the show with a great mix of tunes so crack open a cold one and join us for a journey down the rabbit hole!!



"Poorboy Lover Megamix" (shortened version) - RJD2


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2 Assholes Talking Music #40

Tonight we hit another landmark with our 40th episode!! We're officially over the hill which means absolutely nothing changes. We still got plenty of music news and cheap beer. On the menu tonight is Blur's announcement of a new album, Scarlette Johanson's foray into the music world, Johnny Depp's new celebrity super group, Chris Brown being denied entry into Canada, and a St. Louis group being banned by GoFund Me for trying to have their drummer assasinated. After all the news it's another round of Guess That Video. We'll see if Jim can break his long running losing streak but I doubt it. For the music tonight Jim put together a mix influenced by his love of alcohol and drum & bass. Enjoy!!!



"Salvador" - Black Sun Empire & Bless

"Tripel" - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind

"Thunderbolt" - Black Sun Empire & Rido

"Dawn of a Dark Day" - Black Sun Empire & Foreign Beggars

Direct download: Asshole40final.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #39

Kind of a slow week for music news but it doesn't matter cause we put our heads down and crank out another show. To kick off the show we start with the controversy involving English crooner Sam Smith and whether or not he stole the melody to Tom Petty's song, "I Won't Back Down" and from there we talk about the in fighting between members of Blink 182, Taylor Swift copyrighting popular phrases from her new album. Dropkick Murhpy's v/s Governor Scott Walker, Geezer Butler's barfight, and to close out the news a breaking story on the overdose of Whitney Houston's daughter. After all the talking we bust out a new game, Guess The Bonaroo Band!! Normally, we play a game involving YouTube comments but we switched it up tongiht and Jim has to guess whether or not the bands I name off are real bands playing at Bonaroo or fake bands I've made up. For music tonight Jim put together a sexy little latino inspired mix so grab a cold drink and crank up the volume because it's time for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!



"Divided/United"(remix) - Rasmus Faber ft. Apollo v/s Melo

"Ever After"(2010 remix) - Rasmus Faber

"Demanda" - Rasmus Faber ft. Melo

"Get Over Here"(miami reprise) - Rasmus Faber ft. Melo

"Divided/United"(dub remix) - Rasmus Faber ft. Apollo v/s Melo

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2 Assholes Talking Music #38

It's a new year and a brand new episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!! We didn't skip a beat after taking the holidays off and get right back into it with lots of beer and music news. Jim & I start things off with the biggest story in months, the Grateful Dead reuniting for a 3 day show this summer celebrating 50 years of music. From there we discuss the newly released line-up for Bonnaroo 2015, a Cattle Decapitation fan being stabbed in the neck during a live show, HBO's new Kurt Cobain documentary, Katey Perry playing the Super Bowl halftime show, and another new release from Aphex Twin. After the music news we dive head first into another round of our YouTube comment game, "Guess That Video" featuring offensive comments from the internet's finest. Once all the talking is done we kick it up a notch and get brutal with a short metal mix. So grab a cold beer and join us for another great episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!!



"Beyond The Grave" - Impending Doom

"A Speach to Survival" - Soreption

"Cremated Exsistence" - Ingested

"Projectile Ovulation" - Cattle Decapitation

"No Light Spared" - Spawn of Possession

"Wrath of Vishnu" - Origin

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2 Assholes Talking Music #37

It feels good to get back in the Gravy Lab after taking a month off. We're back with more cheap beer, some random music news, and another round of "Guess That Video". News makers this week are Scott Stapp and his meltdown, Ex-Cake drummer heading to prison, a guitar player from Holland who took a confetti cannon in the worst place possible, Cannibal Corpse art work banned in Russia, and Spotify. Jim took care of the music tonight with a tight little mix who threw together after we got done talking. Grab a cold one and join us for anohter episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!


"Lost Along the Way" - Technimatic

"Spiritual" - Cutworks & Igor Dorohov

"Her Smile" - Cutworks

"Bristol" - Technimatic

"With You" (original mix) -Impish


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The Gravy Project Vol.1

The Gravy Project Vol.1 will be the first in a series of live mix sessions put together by Jim and I from 2 Assholes Talking Music. We thought it'd be nice to switch things up a bit and break up the monotiny of doing the regular podcast. I guess you could call this kind of a concept mix, everything starts out with a guy sitting down to watch a some TV at the end of the night. As he's flipping through the channels he slowly drifts off into a dreamscape of sounds and music that takes him from one end of the dial to the other. As the music takes over he can't tell if he's wide awake or dreaming. The 2 Assholes Talking Music podcast presents The Gravy Project Vol. 1



"Pegaso" - Professor Genius

"Lady Operator" - Mirage

"Video Arcade" - Com Truise

"Constellation"(remix) - El-P & Stephanie Vezina

"Expander"(remix) - FSOL

"Never" - Orbital

"The Bees Love Me" - TOBACCO

"Pink Goo" - TOBACCO

"Psychic Chasms" - Neon Indian

"Civil Defense is Common Sense" - The Advisory Circle

"On the Edge" - Square One

"Swell Sounds" - Square One

"Straight Sounds" - Orbital

"Takin' You Underground" - Square One

Direct download: The_Gravy_Projectfinal.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #36: Halloween Edition

For this years Halloween show we crack open a few beers and talk horror movies. Last yeard we did a big mix and left out all the talking but this year we figured since we were sitting around drinking beers we might as well talk about our favorite movies and everything great about horror flicks. Specifically, the classics from Nightmare on Elm St. to Halloween. Michael Myers, Jason Voorheis, and even the Leprachaun gets a mention. After all the talking we cap it off with a mix sequal to our Halloween show from last year. The last mix left off with the phantom killer never being caught and disappearing into the world. Now he's back and wants more. Turn the lights off and volume up for a Halloween edition of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!


Phantom Intro

"Videotapes" - Gore Elohim ft. Jak Progresso

Phantom Interlude

"Sharon's Fetus" - Necro

Phantom Interlude

"Green River" - DJ Kryptonite & Jak Progresso

Phantom Interlude

"Cannibal Cookbook" - Unusual Suspects

Phantom Interlude

"Diary of a Madman" - Grave Diggaz

Phantom Interlude

"Last Days of Humanity

"Perpetual Abyssma" - And Hell Followed With

Direct download: Asshole36HalloweenFinal.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #35

Tonight we're celebrating the 3rd birthday of the 2 Assholes podcast with more shitty beer and music news. It's hard to believe that we've been doing this for 3 years already and people actually listen. For that we thank you!! So for tonight we start things off with a few stories from the EDM world Aphex Twin and Deadmau5 and move into the reunions of Faith No More and Flight of the Conchords and wrap it up with Cee-Lo Green and all of of his poor decisons. After a little news we fire up another round of  the YouTube comment game, "Guess That Video!", as Jim tries to break his losing streak. For the music portion of the show I put together a little hip hop mix. 



"Hi, I'm James" - Dirty Dike

"Soldier For Life" - Jehst ft. Universal Soldiers

"Better Than Beer" - Doom

"More Rhymin" - Doom

"Torture Chamber" - Edan ft. Percee-P

"Nerdball" - Kid Koala

"Never Front (Ears Up)" - Madlib

"Weed" - Evil Ed ft. Jehst & Asaviour

"Logic" - Serengeti ft. Hi-Fidel

"BASF" - Hi-Fidel & DJ Crucial

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2 Assholes Talking Music #35: Twitter Extras

We've been lacking in posting the Twitter exclusive track for the last few shows but this week we're back. The 2 Assholes like to throw a little somethng extra out there for our Twitter followers and this week we talk about game changing albums. Albums that change our music landscape and shaped the way we listened to music. 

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Late Night Gravy #14

It's been a few months since I've thrown together a Late Night Gravy mix so I figured I'd break out the good stuff, lots of funk!! There's some electronic stuff thrown in for good measure and it pairs nicely with any kind of booze. Turn up the volume and let this be the soundtrack for your holiday weekend!!


"The Grunt, Pt.1" - The J.B,'s

"Blow Your Head" - The J.B.'s

"Big Mac" - Buddy Rich


"Spooky" - Dusty Springfield

"Super Cool" - Black Heat

"Let's Start" - Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker

"Can You Do Without" - The Meters

"Dog Wash" - Cookin' On 3 Burners


"Barefootin" - Wilson Pickett


"The Shining" - Dunc


"Feel It All Around" - Washed Out

"Karova" - Com Truise

"Portrait For Emily" - The Vision Project

"Carry On" - Woolfy v/s Projections

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2 Assholes Talking Music #34

We're back after a couple of weeks off with more cheap beer and music news. First and foremost we wanted to say a little something about the passing of Robin Williams and from there we move into the 45th & 20th anniversary of Woodstock, Paris Hilton being paid millions to DJ, YOLO making it's way into the dictionary, an incredible new band by the name of Stereo Hideout and then we wrap it up with some cool news about the show. Grab a cold beer and join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!


It's You, It's Me - Kaskade

4AM(Adam K & Soha Remix)

In This Life (Justin Michael Mix)

Catalyst (feat. Wild Children)

Take Your Mind Off

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2 Assholes Talking Music #33

Tonight we have a couple of special guests drop by to talk about the 30th anniversary of the '80s classic Revenge of the Nerd. Good buddies Brad and Kevin stop by to drink many beers and talk Nerds, Chubby Checker suing over a penis measuring app, Ted Nugent's canceled Indian casino gig, and the Gathering of the Juggalos. The beers are cold and the music is loud courtesy of a nice little mix Jim put together. Grab a drink and join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music........



"Eona"(jimpster's jazz mix) - Jimpster

"Aelita"(jimpster's jazz mix) 

"Panacea"(jimpster's jazz mix)

"Pixel Grain"

"Flourescent Blue"

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2 Assholes Talking Music #32 - Extras

For the Twitter extras tonight we kept the Phish theme going. Both Jim and I are life long fans of Phish so we spend a few minutes talking about our favorite show that we ever saw and share a few random stories as well. Enjoy!!!

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2 Assholes Talking Music #32

It's been over a month since we've rocked a show and it feels good to be back from hiatus. We get right back into the thick of things with more music news and a new audio clip game called "Porn or People Working Out". Safe to say things get a little x-rated towards the end of the show. For the news portion we touch on the death of the last original member of The Ramones, Tommy Ramone then move into Weird Al's 8 videos in 8 days followed by some friendly ribbing on Kanye West and his rant filled sets. We wrap up the news with a great story about the Jr. high band, Unlocking the Truth, getting signed to a major label record deal. Then we get into the game segment of the show where Jim continues his losing streak. For the music portion of the show we decided to dedicate some space to the lords of jam, Phish. They're out on their summer tour right now and Jim & I dug up one of our favorite sets from March of '93 in Sacremento, CA. So grab yourself a cold beer and pump up the volume because it's time for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!


The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday





Colonel Forbin's Ascent

Fly Famous Mockingbird

The Sloth

McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters

*Phish set is from 3/22/93 Sacremento, CA*

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Death Gravy

If the title didn't give it away the playlist should be a clue. Brutal fucking metal!! The genres jump around a little bit mostly because I'm drunk but the song remains the same. Tonight instead of melting your face off we're just gonna pull it off and suck out the marrow!  


"Cerebral Hybridization" - Fallujah

"Misery Cloud" - I Declare War


"Vril" - Nevalra

"Intro/Dead" - Putrid Pile

"Execution of Reason" - Skinless

"Homage For Satan" - Deicide

"Manical Miscreation" - Cerebral Bore


"Unidentified Corpse" - Septycal Gorge

"Enshrouded In Misconception" - Despise

"If I Was God.....I'd Burn It All" - Kataklysm


"Vermosapiean" - Abiotic


"Rain Eater" - Rivers of Nihil

"Devoured Flesh" - Human Mincer

"The Will to Overcome" - Battle Cross

"Black Steaming Cancerous Entrails" - Putrified

"Scarification" - Lust of Decay

"Slaves Shall Serve" - Behemoth

"Sanctus Perversum" - Belphegor

Direct download: Death_Gravy.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #31

This may be our last show for awhile since one of the Assholes has a brand new baby on the way so we wanted to jam this episode full of goodies. As always we have some great headlines from the world of music like Mos Def being denied re-entry into the country, Sum 41 lead singer Derek Wibley's battle with alcohol addiction, and the Michael Jackson hologram going out on tour. After some music news we dive headfirst into another round of "Guess That Video" where Jim has to match the YouTube comment to the correct video. As per usual the comments are nothing short of awful and ignorant. For the music portion of the show tonight I decided to keep things simple and feature some great straight forward rock/stoner metal from some of my favorite bands. You know the drill by now, grab yourself a cold beer and crank the volume for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!



"Blackened Sunrise" - Viking Skull


"Prehistoric Dog" - Red Fang

"Cypress Grove" - Clutch

"10001110101" - Clutch


"How Heavy This Axe" - The Sword

"Sittin' Pretty" - The Datsuns


"Iron Tusk" - Mastadon

"Dragonaut" - Sleep

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Secret Stash #6

Another round of b-sides and underground bangers.........

"Razzo" - DJ Qbert

"Acid Raindrops" - People Under the Stairs

"Handle That" - Cannibal Ox


"Blunted" - Phil da Agony

"The Who" - Hieroglyphics


"Just Walk" - OC & Apollo Brown

PhysEdison Interlude


"This Year" - Contact Play

"Borrowed Time" - Jam Baxter & Ed Scissortongue 

"Butterfly Concerto" - Task Force


"Jam On It" - Newcleus

"Postcards From the Third Rock" - Lodeck & Omega One


"Action"(rap version) - Oh No

"Latino and Proud" - DJ Raff

"Dr. Greenthumb" - Cypress Hill

"Bart Burnt v/s Sherm Pen" - Smutt Peddlers


"Grim Savyas" - Tha Grimm Teachaz fr. MC-17

"Doggie Bag" - Mr. Dibbs & Mr. Vendetta

"Blind Loyalty" - Mr. Dibbs

Direct download: Secret_Stash_6_Newfinal.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #30 - Extras

Tonight's extra topic is "Weirdest Celebrity Encounter"

Direct download: Asshole30extras.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #30

Celebrating 30 episodes tonight with some more random music headlines and more cheap beer!! Topics include Billy Corgan teaming up with Tommy Lee, Apple buys out Dre Beats for billions, and a great website that pairs cocktails with your favorite band. After the news we switch gears with a new game, Lollapalooza Bands: Fake or Real? There's so many bands at that festival it's hard to keep track of them all so I rapid fire Jim a couple of band names and he has to guess fake or real. For the music portion of the show it's get a little electronic. So grab a cold beer and celebrate 30 epsidoses!!


"Karova" - Com Truise

"Brokendate" - Com Truise

"Familiar Sound" - PhysEdison

"Carry On" - Woolfy v/s Projections

"Little Pink Riding Hood" - Tobacco

"Dirt" - Tobacco ft. Aesop Rock

"Meanstreak"(in 3 parts) - El-P 

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2 Assholes Talking Music #29(extras)

If you're not following Don't Eat the Gravy on Twitter (@DETGravy) than you're missing out on exclusive outtakes and extras that are only available on the Twitter feed. Each week after the full show the 2 Assholes do a short segment that's not related to the full episode. For tonights extras I pose the question, If you could go back in time and see any concert what would you pick?

Direct download: Asshole29extras.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #29

After a few weeks off the 2 Assholes are back with more music news, more insults, and of course more beer! Oh and how can I forget about the YouTube game "Guess That Video"! Tonight we hit all kinds of topics like the Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying) murder for hire plot, Joan Jett singing for Nirvana at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, the death of house music legend Frankie Knuckles, and RHCP suing the government for using their music as a torture device. From there we break out the YouTube comments and fire up another round of "Guess That Video". Does it get any better than reading aloud the thoughts of trolls commenting from their mom's basement? For the music segment we kept things really chill with a great mix of jazzy house beats from Jim and a random assortment of sounds from my library. Freshen up your drinks and pump up the volume for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!!
"Trauma" - Blu Mar Trio
"Closer to You" - Jimpster
"Bittersweet" - Blue Six
"Close to Home" - Blue Six
"Close" - Kaskade
"B: Mine" - Jimpster
"Cry Soul" - 9th Wonder
"Lounge" - PhysEdison
"People Watcher" - The Square Playa
"Big Bad Organ" - Jackie Mittoo 

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Vision Gravy

Switching gears tonight and mixing things up a bit. Instead of me pretending to be a DJ and mix tracks together I got a real bonafied DJ to drop some tracks. None other than one of our very own Assholes, Jim!! If you don't know by know Jim has his own side project, The Vision Project. He's been on the tables for years so I figured it was about time to give him his own episode on the Gravy Podcast. Jim brings his own flavor to the tables and always comes correct. The Vision Project encompasses lots of different sounds but one thing Jim does well is set the mood with some really chill beats and tonight is no different. I can go on and on but I'd rather the tunes do the talking. Open up your mind and let the Vision Project take you on an audio journey.


"Made For You" (Mettle Music Deep House Mix) - Deep Solution

"How Deep is Your Love" (Master Chix Remix) - The Bee Gees

"Samba Love" (Redux Extended Edit) - Kaskade

"Lovely" (Johnny Fiasco's Lovely Vocal Mix) - Soulstice

"It's Gonna Happen" (Wesley Clarke Remix) - Maxine Hardcastle

"Lionel's Jam" (2012 Remix) - Miguel Miggs

"Spend the Night" (Marques Wyatt Mix) - Smitty & Davenport ft. Kandace

"Love Will Save the Day" (Richard Earnshaw Remix) - JD73 & Miss Modest

"Still In Love" (DJ Spenn's Jazzy Sensation Remix) - Shuya Okino ft. Navasha Daya

Direct download: Vision_Gravy_Mix.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #28 - Bonus Material

Each week for our Twitter followers we'll post some material that didn't make it into the main episode. This week Jim & I talk about our worst moments on stage. For those that don't know Jim used to be in a band that toured with Mushroomhead in the early 2000's and I was a radio DJ that dabled in stand-up comedy from time to time. We each share a story about from our experiences. Enjoy!!

Direct download: Asshole28extras.mp3
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2 Assholes Talking Music #28

Join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!! More of the same, just a couple of assholes sitting around drinking beer and making fun of the headlines from the music world. Tonight Jim & I discuss Conan being tapped to host the MTV Music Awards, Miley Cyrus and Katey Perry's Twitter beef, and Slipknot's new album. After that we dive into another round of the YouTube comment game, we've officially dubbed it(for now) "Guess That Video". As far as the music goes, it's been awhile since we've raged some hardcore metal so if you like it fast and loud you're in store for a treat!! Grab yourself a cocktail and turn up the knobs it's time for 2 Assholes Talking Music!!




"Kingdom of Tyrants" - Cattle Decapitation

"Rapid Element Disolve" - Archspire

"Conceived in Enslavement" - Dying Fetus

"Conquest of Gilese" - Abiotic

"Genetic Origin of Sin" - Dysphoria

"Heartwork" - Fleshgod Apocalypse

"Buried in a Nameless Grave" - Malevolent Creation

"Conquistadores" - Misery Index

"Embarrasment Legacy" - The Red Chord

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Space Gravy

I couldn't think of a title for this one but after listening to it again it had kind of a spacey, tripped out kind of sound. I sprinkled in some Timothy Leary samples and some other stuff along with lots of great tunes with that kind of have that trippin'balls kind of sound.



"The Love Between" - White Fence


"Today's Supernatural" - Animal Collective

"Wax" - Theme Park

"Pleasure Blimps" - Thee Oh Sees

"Zoned" - Moon Duo

"If This is Real" - s/s/s

"Polite Dance Song" - The Bird & The Bee


"Never Lost Control/Deathstar" - Moonhearts


"Look.....the Sun is Rising" - The Flaming Lips

"Sun Blows Up Today" - The Flaming Lips

"Marso Sava" - The Cast of Cheers


"The Fucked Jam" - Ween

"Maria"(Air Lab Beloved Remix) - The Dining Rooms

"Bitter Hypnotic" - Ancient Astronauts ft. Phat Old Mamas

"American Daydream" - Electric Guest

"The Return" - Deltron 3030

"Touch Me I'm Going to Scream" - My Morning Jacket


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2 Assholes Talking Music #27

We decided to brave another round of the Polar Vortex and tough out another show. Did you really think we'd pass up an oppurtunity to rip on the Gramy's? No way. Obviously, we touch on the Grammy's and all it's trainwreck glory but before we dive into that I decided to try out a new game. We don't have a name for it yet but it's something we plan on doing for many episodes to come. I read off a few ridiculous YouTube comments and Jim has to guess what video they are attached to. As far as the music goes I decided to shine some light on a few artistst that deserved to be recognized at an event like the Grammy's. All the songs are off albums that came out in 2013. Turn up the volume and pour yourself another cocktail because it's time for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music! 


"Sun Blows Up Today" - The Flaming Lips

"Everything" - Nine Inch Nails

"Cocaine" - FIDLAR

"Reach for the Dead" - Boards of Canada

"Make You Famous" - R.A. the Rugged Man ft. Block McCloud

"Delicate Cycle" - The Uncluded

"Be There" - Oddisee

"West of Western" - Serengeti

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2 Assholes Talking Music #26

A little impromptu session tonight due to a break in the freezing cold weather. The 2 Assholes have been off for a few weeks but we're back with some music news and a half assed review of 2013. Tonight we talked about ICP suing the FBI, Kanye and all his antics, Rod Stewart's opinion on the Beatles, and wrapped it up with the year end review. Lots of great music as always so grab a cold one and turn up the volume for the 2 Assholes Talking Music!!


“Samba Love” (Redux Extended Edit) - Kaskade

“Love Will Save The Day” (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Mix) - JD73 & Miss Modest 

“Still In Love” (DJ Spen's  Jazzy Sensation Remix) - Shuya Okino feat. Navasha Daya

“Lionels Jam” (2012 Remix) - Miguel Miggs

“Mesmerized” (feat. Aya) - Miguel Miggs

“Moon on the Rise” - Thunderball ft. The Rootz

“Astro Travellin” - Quasimoto

“Echo Party” - Edan

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Late Night Gravy #13

Kicking off the New Year with some solid sounds tonight! I want to apoligize ahead of time, I put this together while I was snowed in on New Years Eve so there was lots of beers involved and it might not be the tightest mix in the world. Doesn't matter though cause it's all about rockin' the Gravy!! Threw in a little bit of everything in this episode, some electronic, some hip hop, some old school funk, and lots of Gravy to top it off. As always "Late Night Gravy" pairs well with booze and any other party favors you prefer.

Gravy Intro

"One For J.J." - Sound Directions

"Posed to Be" - Breakestra ft. Chali 2na, DJ Dusk, & Mixmaster Wolf


"Getting There" - Flying Lotus ft. Niki Randa

"The Kill" - Flying Lotus ft. Niki Randa


"Harlem Clavinette" - J.J. Johnson & His Orchestra

"The Bird" - Jimmy McGriff


"Geek Down/Murda Goons" - Dilla, Ghostface Killah, & MF Doom

"Too Deep" - J Courage


"Spinning" - Zion I


"Underwear Goes Inside the Pants" - Lazyboy ft. Greg Giraldo


"Notturna" - Visione

"Gazebo" - Tony Trimm


"Body Rock" - Baron Zen


"Guiding Resolution" - Poets of Rhythm

"Boogie Philosophy" - DePhazz


"Blow Your Head" - J.B.'s Allstars and Fred Wesley

"Ox 9000" - Vast Aire

"Why'sdaskyblue?" - Vast Aire

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2 Assholes Talking Music #25

Another great episode of "2 Assholes Talking Music" for you tonight!! We got a couple of good stories out of the news like Trent Reznor Skyping with fan live on stage, "selfie" being chosen as the new word of the year, and Aaron Carter's finicial woes. After that we dive into some tunes featuring a special treat tonight. Our very own Asshole Jim had a few of his tracks picked up by a label and put on a compilation and he was nice enough to throw a few of the tracks off the disc together for a great mix. Make sure you go out and get yourself a copy and show some love for all the underground artists out there. As always, the beers are cold and the tunes loud so join us for another episode of "2 Assholes Talking Music"..........


"Dreamscape" - Nicolas Jakobsen 

"Moshum" - Chas10

"Mass Erectile Dysfunktion" - El Rakkas

"Aural Stereopsis" - The Vision Project

"Breathe" - Ecklipze

"Let the Spot Get Blown" - Cytomorph

"Sundays w/ Chrome" (J Courage Remix) - Chas10 ft. Merijn

"Portrait for Emily" - The Vision Project

"Lose Your Faith" - Reixtra

"I Need to Know" - Radian

"Rain Delay" - The Vision Project

"Aquadrop" - Waves ft. Vanelitne

"Better Days" - MuDa

"Aquadrop" - Blue ft. Vanelitne, Nahadi, Giorgio Campera, Michele Fagnani, Fabio Sanna

"After Midnight" - The Vision Project

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Halloween Gravy #3

For this weeks show we cut out all the drunken bantar and what not and decided to make a Halloween mix. We're not talking like spooky ghost sounds or anything like that. Oh no, we took it a different direction. Tonights episode has no name. This is an audio journey through the mind of a killer. A soundtrack to psychosis. It's a 5 part story that begins with the birth of a madman and ends with nothing but the hollow shell of a human being. Turn up the volume and turn off the lights. Boy and girls, dying time is here!!

The Becoming


"Devil May Cry" - Noisia


"Kiss the Girls" - Jak Progresso


"Beelzedub" - Orbital


The Awakening

"Teddy" - Mr. Dibbs

"Exo-Planet"lack Sun Empire


The Hunt

"The Hunt" - Sepultura


The Kill

"Lynched with Entrails" - Flesh Consumed

"Obliteration Untold" - Brain Drill


No Remorse

"The Wretched"(loop edit) - Nine Inch Nails

"Erased, Over, Out" - NIN

"The Mark Has Been Made" - NIN


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2 Assholes Talking Music #24

Tonight we're celebrating Friday the 13th and the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's "In Utero". Can't believe it's been 20 years since that album came out. Pretty soon it'll be considered classic rock. Other than "In Utero" we talk about Bloodhound Gang's run-in with the Russian governent, Vanilla Ice performing at the Texans halfitme show and then we top it all off with some brutal metal in honor of Friday the 13th. Crack a cold one and pump up the volume!!



"Dead Means Dead" - Aeon

"Deadsoul" - Demigod


"Devout Atrocity" - Dying Fetus

"Marching off to War" - Unleashed


"No One Survives" - NeKroGoblin

"Exile" - Before the Dawn


"Incarnated" - Obscura


"Expression of Immunity of God" - Demiricous

"Rotten Paradise" - Oppressor


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2 Assholes Talking Music #23

Tonight we're celebrating our 2nd birthday, hard to believe we've been doing this for 2 years now. We started off doing this just for fun and it somehow steamrolled into 23 episodes and a listening audience that spans over the entire US and 20+ countries worldwide!! Not bad for a couple of guys sitting around drinking beer on a Friday night. Besides that you're back to our old tricks, making fun of more music news. Tonight we discuss Miley Cyrus at the VMAs, in case you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks. You know, because no one seems to want to talk about it. We hit that along with Eddie Murphy's new album featuring Snoop Lion, the newly released radio playlist for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V, and the new Nine Inch Nails album. In honor of NIN Jim put together a really solid mix of some of his favorite NIN tracks and I tossed in a couple of tracks at the end to help dot the i's and cross the t's. So grab and beer and join us for another episode of 2 Assholes Talking Music!


"No, You Don't" - Nine Inch Nails

"Head Down"

"Gave Up"

"The Art of Self Destruction Pt.1" 

"My Violent Heart"(Vision DnB Remix)

"Windowlicker" - Aphex Twin

"Flyentology" - El P ft. Trent Reznor

"Super Sound" - J Rocc

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Late Night Gravy #12

This volume of Late Night Gravy might be my favorite to date. All kinds of great music tonight with lots of gravy peppered. It starts out with some '70s B-side funk and slides into a little mix of some underground sounds. As always I've made sure it pairs well with any kind of alcohol and whatever other party favors you prefer. Turn up the knobs and push play...............


"Playhouse" - O'Donel Levy

"ABC" - Hot Butter & Soul


"Shamading" - Les McCann


"Beauty of the Day" - Apollo Brown

"Swing Blades" - Jean Grae

"Fiber Optics" - Has Lo

"Directors Cut" - Moodorama


"Tin Top Pt. 1" - Kenny Mann Jr. & The Liquid Pleasure Band

"Sexoplois" - Jean-Pierre Mirouze


"From the Future" - Dirty Dike ft. Slang Immaculate, Stif of the Dump, Jam Baxter, Skuff, Ed ScissorTongue, Fliptrix, & The Three Amigos

"Take Drugs" - Gangrene, Oh No, & The Alchemist

"My Soul" - Fliptrix

"Hardcore Hip-Hop" - DJ Shadow

"Syllable Practice"(12" Version) - Edan


"Lady Don't Tek No" - Latyrx

"Shore" - Oddjobs

"Like What" - Murs


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